Over the course of time, you may notice that the water pressure in your home is lower than it used to be. Or maybe, your drains are moving slow. This is not a unique phenomenon, nor is it unexplainable. There are several possible causes for these problems, ranging from clogs, sediment build-up, or even tree roots.

The question you probably have is how to get rid of the issue safely, effectively, and without spending far too much money. The most likely answer to your question is through drain cleaning, or through a process called hydro jetting.

The What & The Why

It’s quite possible you’ve heard of hydro jetting, but like many of the terms we don’t use on a daily basis, it’s been filed away and never investigated.

If the phrase hydro jetting is broken down, you’ll see the word ‘hydro’ which refers to water. Jetting is a term used when a liquid is forced through a small opening at high pressure.

So basically, hydro jetting is forcing water through an opening (usually a rotating nozzle) at high pressure in order to break up any debris that is slowing the flow of your pipes.

Now for ‘the why.’

Hydro jetting is often used when snaking a clog out is not an option. Snaking is a great method to remove a clog that is close to the surface of the drain, but is not meant for anything deep within the plumbing. Snaking also does not remove hard water buildup and other types of debris in your pipes like soap, grease, and other grooming products.

You may be thinking that you can use a chemical drain cleaner to solve these problems–and you can, but it is definitely not advised. Chemical drain cleaners typically contain a compound called lye. Lye is used because it can dissolve stubborn clogs… unfortunately, it will also dissolve your pipes. Not only can chemical cleaners be bad for your pipes, but they can also cause chemical burns to clothing, eyes, and skin.

It’s not great for the environment either. Hydro jetting is the best option to remove any debris and buildup while keeping you, your family, and the environment safe. Also, because it removes so much debris, repeatedly calling for service will be a thing of the past.

Not as Expensive as You Would Think

Clearly, there are a number of benefits to choosing hydro jetting for drain cleaning. With all these benefits, you might be thinking that it will be super expensive.

If you are choosing to hydro jet your entire plumbing system, the costs may add up. However, the costs of this service often depend on the severity of the clog and the type of drains that need to be cleaned.

Depending on the need, you may find that a hydro-jetting job runs $150-200. The best option is to periodically have your drains cleaned and serviced to ensure no major clogs develop–this keeps your costs down in the long run.

Keeping Drains Clean Since 2008

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