If you are keen on your efforts to conserve water to aid in the global water crisis, it may cause you to stress in the summertime because your water consumption typically goes up.

You use more water to take care of your lawn and garden and for a variety of ways of keeping cool, like swimming and water games.

What’s more, is that this increase in water consumption will increase your water bills as well if you aren’t careful to find other ways to cut back. Here are some helpful ways in which you can lower water use, but enjoy all the fun that summer has to offer at the same time.

Proactive Conservation

Want to have a clean conscience about your water consumption? Be creative and proactive in finding other ways to conserve water.

If you’ve got a pool, don’t use the garden hose to fill it out of habit. Let the rain do most of the work for you. Inspect the liner regularly and make sure that you don’t have a leak somewhere.

Inside your home cut back your water use by shortening your showers. Only run the dishwasher and washing machine when full. Keep a pitcher of cool water in the fridge, rather than running the faucet waiting for it to cool down. Don’t run water to thaw or wash food. Place it in a basin instead.

Ways to Take Care of Your Lawn and Garden

You can have a lush lawn without wasting water. If you have an irrigation system, watch for signs of leaks, like pooling water or sunken patches.

Set it on a timer for the night, so that you lose less of your water to evaporation. If you are using a sprinkler, get an adjustable one, so that you can customize your use. Mulch your garden to preserve moisture.

Do you have a pet? Wash them outside on your lawn and do double duty. Do you have kids running through the sprinkler? Place it on a patch of lawn that needs more water.

Water Activities

Here are some ideas on how you can stay cool this summer. Fill up water balloons and play tag, have a relay race, or declare “war” on each other.

Fill up water guns and play hide and seek. Soak sponges and have a sponge toss. Fill a kiddie pool with water and ice and see who can dip their feet in for the longest

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