No question a stinky drain in your home can really ruin your day, but the good news is that it is almost always a quick and easy fix.

The first thing that you should determine is if the smell is being caused by your drains or by the water itself. Pour a glass of water. Does the water smell in the glass?

If not, it is likely a pipe/drain issue. If it does, then you may have problems with your water heater. Having your water heater set too low or leaving it off for a long time can change the taste and smell of the water.

When it comes to determining why your drains smell, here are the main 3 reasons why:

P-Trap Problem

Your P-Trap is the curved part of the pipe underneath your sinks.

It serves to collect water to use as a plug blocking smelly sewer gases trying to flow into your home.

The problem is that when that trap dries out, there is no barrier and the gases (and the odor) run free.

This happens pretty often if you have a shower or sink that you haven’t used for a while. Simply running the water might be enough to solve the problem.

Sometimes the seal around the P-trap is leaking, which means that water won’t stay in either. You need to repair it.

Sewer Line Seeping?

If the smell comes from all of your drains, the problem isn’t fixture or drain specific- it is coming right from the source. There is a good chance that you’ve got a crack or other damage to your sewer line.

This isn’t good news, and you need to get it fixed straight away. Having a compromised sewer line means that your home could potentially be at risk for flooding if your sewer line actually breaks.

Ventilation Issues

When your drains get used, a lot of air gets circulated as well.

The problem is that if there is a clog in your drainpipe, the sewer gases that are naturally produced can’t flow in the way that they should.

They end up doing a U-turn in your pipes, coming back out through the drains right into your home.

Avoid putting food matter down your drains, which will decompose and cause bacteria growth.

Get drains cleaned annually to take care of other blockages like animal nests and tree and plant matter.

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