You’ve had a great day celebrating the Fourth of July. The day was appropriately filled with family, friends, barbecues, parties, parades, and fireworks. It had all the components to really make you appreciate our great country and remember the significance of our Independence Day.

Unfortunately, if you hosted a Fourth of July party, you might also have experienced some plumbing issues. Sometimes the greatest of events can result in equally great plumbing headaches. In hopes of helping you avoid any such issues, here are some plumbing tips you’ll want to keep in mind before your next party.

Kitchen Sink Clogs

Somehow it seems that people always congregate in the kitchen during parties. While you and your family might always be diligent about never putting grease or food down your kitchen sink, it’s hard to control what goes in the sink or down the drain when there are lots of people crowded in your kitchen.

Rather than worrying about your kitchen pipes or potential clogs, be proactive and install grease traps before your next event. These can keep grease or solids from reaching your waste disposal system and can help prevent backups.

It’s a simple way to protect your plumbing systems and to help you enjoy your next party with a little extra peace of mind.

Avoiding Massive Toilet Clogs

With lots of people using your toilets, a small clog or two is likely to happen. If you’re prepared for it, this can be easily handled and will be a non-event. If you’re not prepared, it could turn into a massive clog and a huge mess.

First, make sure that your bathrooms are fully stocked before your next party. This includes extra toilet paper and a plunger. All toilets should have a plunger in sight and easily accessible for guests.

Second, make sure that you check your toilets periodically throughout an event. This is a way to ensure that they are clean and everything is working smoothly. These simple steps should enable you or your guests to quickly address any minor problems to avoid a full-blown emergency.

Your Main Shutoff Valve

Do you know where your shutoff valve is? While it’s always important to know this, it’s especially important if you’re having a party and going to be putting additional strain on your plumbing systems.

Your main shutoff valve turns off the water supply to your entire house. It’s a quick way to shut off all of the water should you have a leak or other plumbing emergency. Knowing where this is could mean the difference between a small plumbing issue and a major flood or damage.

Given its importance, take the time to locate it as soon as possible and definitely before your next event. We hope you have a great Fourth of July and that these plumbing tips help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, if you have any issues, you can call Zest Plumbing & Drain today. We’re available 24/7 to handle any plumbing problems that might arise.

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