Whole House Water Softeners in Phoenix, AZ

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Untreated hard water can start to take a toll on your quality of life at home. Hard water leaves stains on glassware, leaves your skin feeling dry and itchy after a shower, keeps your clothes looking dull after washing, and speeds up the deterioration of your plumbing fixtures and appliances. And these are only a handful of the negative effects of hard water!

The solution is a whole home water softener. To install one, make sure you work with a plumbing company that is experienced in water treatment solutions. At Affordable Plumbing, Rooter and Water Heaters we have been installing and repairing water softener systems throughout Phoenix since 2008. Our talented team will help you choose a system that fits your needs and make sure it’s installed properly so you can enjoy cleaner water right away.

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How Could a Water Softener Help Me?

Water Softener Installation in Phoenix, AZ

You might be surprised at how much of a difference a water softener could make in your day-to-day life. Water keeps us and our households running, so why don’t we pay more attention to our water quality?
  • LESS SCALE AND MINERAL BUILDUP: A water softener reduces the amount of housework you’ll have by eliminating the mineral buildup you see around your faucets and in your sinks and tubs.

  • SHINIER SILVERWARE & BRIGHTER, SOFTER FABRIC: Your silverware and glassware will be noticeably shinier and cleaner, and fabrics are also made softer and brighter. This is because the hard minerals get trapped in the fibers, making the color in clothes seem dull and worn out.

  • GREATER EFFICIENCY: The minerals in your water reduce the efficiency of your appliances, like coffee makers, ice machines, dishwashers, and clothes washers–not to mention that on average your water heater will reduce your yearly energy cost by 22%-29%.

  • EASIER CLEANING: Hard water turned soft by a water softener restores the rich lathering of your soaps and shampoos, reducing your usage and costs of these products by 75%. And your hair and skin will feel softer and smoother, too.

How Does a Water Softener Work?

Hard water carries calcium and magnesium, the two main minerals that make it difficult to wash your clothes and dishes and to even take a shower. Water softeners typically use a process involving ion exchange, trading the calcium and magnesium for salt. Whole house water softeners connect directly to your plumbing system so you are guaranteed safe, clean water whenever you open your tap.

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Choosing the Right Water Softener

While ion exchange systems are the most popular, there are also other technologies available to treat your hard water.

Here are some of the other types of water softener systems available:
  • Salt free
  • Dual tank
  • Magnetic (descaler)

Water softeners also come in varying sizes. You will need to install one that meets the demands of your household. Our team will review all of your options with you and help you decide on the best system that fits your needs and budget.

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