Repiping Services in Phoenix, AZDo you have recurring water leaks that are driving up your water bills and damaging your property? Call to find out if you need whole home repiping services.

The idea of repiping is often met with trepidation by homeowners, as they envision large-scale destruction and huge bills. But if handled by experienced professionals, the repiping process becomes a smooth and hassle-free job. Affordable Plumbing, Rooter and Water Heaters will guide you through this service and help you decide if whole home repiping is the right decision for your property.

When you work with us you can expect:
  • Upfront pricing – no surprises
  • No trip charge
  • No overtime charges
  • Tailored solutions
  • Accurate workmanship
  • Long term peace of mind

Have peace of mind with our emergency plumbing service! Call our specialists for honest pricing and a waived trip fee.

Is It Time to Repipe?

If you only have isolated sections of pipe that are damaged in your home, the need for large-scale repiping can often be avoided. Smaller pipe repairs can be made and your system will run smoothly once again. However, there are some instances when it’s time for a full repiping job. These include:
  • Frequent leaking
  • Higher than average water bills
  • Foul-smelling water
  • Discolored water
  • Lower water pressure
  • Having older, steel pipes

Why Is Installing New Pipes Important?

Fixing only goes so far when your entire system is weakened by age or other problems. When it is all said and done, a new system will save you money and headache in the future. Continually repairing your pipes can be frustrating, inefficient, and sometimes unsafe. If the water coming from your spigot is an unusual color or taste, it is probably time for whole-home repiping.

Pipe Installation Services in Phoenix, AZ

  • Improve Water Pressure: Problematic piping can also decrease your water pressure from limescale buildup and corrosion on the inside. Any compromised system will be characterized by leaks, which can wreak havoc on other systems in your house, soak your walls, and damage your electricity.

  • Avoid Burst Pipes: Older systems are also much more likely to fail if the power goes out or the temperature drops unexpectedly. This is because the older material they used in pipe manufacturing doesn’t last as long and isn’t as strong as piping today.

  • Reduce Clogs: They also clog easier than normal piping, which can lead to pressure building behind the clog and a resulting burst.

Replacing your pipes is a wise way to make your older property last longer, and it is important to have your piping installed the right way the first time. Don’t hesitate to call Affordable Plumbing, Rooter and Water Heaters for your repiping and plumbing replacement needs–there’s nothing we haven’t seen!

If your home has many clogs, you should consider our drain cleaning service. We’ll perform a video inspection and provide personalized solutions for your home.

PEX vs. Copper

In modern plumbing, PEX and copper are the two most common types of piping materials used. Each one has its pros and cons, and our team will help you make the right choice for your home.

PEX is more flexible than copper, easier to install, and more budget-friendly. However, it can’t be connected directly to your water heater, and pipes installed outside may be harmed by UV rays.

Copper pipes involve a larger upfront investment and are not as flexible to install, but these pipes prove more durable and longer-lasting.

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Repiping your home is fast and easy when you work with Affordable Plumbing, Rooter and Water Heaters. Call today for expert repiping services in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.