Sewer Video Inspection Services in Phoenix, AZNew technology in the plumbing industry provides comprehensive knowledge of piping in real-time for faster, better results that last longer.

Hiring a plumber to document the inside of your sewer lines might seem a little…unorthodox. While the video is no box office record, it helps us get the job done quicker and more effectively. Here at Zest Plumbing & Drain, we try to equip Phoenix with the most effective technology and best service possible. So call us today to see what innovative solutions we provide for your convenience!

If you find that your line does need replacing, we perform main sewer line replacement and repair.

What Is the Process of Sewer Video Inspection?

One of our professionals will arrive at your property with a waterproof video camera attached to a long line. They will feed it down a sink or bathtub drain, known as a branch line leading to the bigger main sewer pipe. If it can push past the clog, the professional might feed it all the way to the municipal line on the street. This will ensure that any and all issues are identified and analyzed by the professionals. They will know exactly what and where the clog is, which will provide them with clarity on how to move forward to find a solution.

Sewer Camera Inspections in Phoenix, AZ

Sewer Camera Inspection for Future Home Buyers

Video inspection comes in handy when you are considering purchasing a home. Most home inspections do not include this service, so we recommend this for potential home buyers to be sure of their investment. Any problematic clogs or mysterious piping concerns can be caught which can help you negotiate a better price. This way, you can also resolve sewer problems ahead of time before you move in.

We do provide professional drain cleaning services for thorough, lasting results.

Benefits of Sewer Video Camera Inspection

Sewer video inspection service cuts down on a lot of wasted time and energy. Instead of guessing where to dig in your yard to get to your mainline, the video camera transmits a signal that allows the plumber to know the exact location of the pipe.

If you have repeated clogs, this tells us what and where the clog is so that we can get to the source of the issue. If you are adding or remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, video inspection helps us know our options of where we can tie into your lines and whether or not your existing piping can handle the load of added wastewater.

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