Kitchen Plumbing Services in Phoenix, AZ

Don’t put up with scaly sinks and slow disposals. We will make your kitchen work for you.

Cooks aren’t the only people who love kitchens…plumbers do too! We want to make sure that the most important room in your house is working well for you. You spend a lot of time in your kitchen, and it shouldn’t be in frustration over jammed garbage disposal or a leaky faucet. Zest Plumbing & Drain improve kitchens all around Phoenix with expert garbage disposal repair and fixture replacement services. Call today if you need help with your kitchen plumbing!

Is your kitchen sink drain causing you problems in addition to your garbage disposal? Consider our professional drain cleaning service.

Can Garbage Disposals Get Clogged?

Even though garbage disposals are made to eat waste, they are not bulletproof. When inappropriate items enter the disposal, which usually includes high-fiber vegetables like corn husks and carrots or non-food items like silverware, a jam happens (and it is usually noisy!).

A professional would solve this by loosening the disposal and manually moving the masher plate to free any offending objects. Clogs can also happen, which a professional would treat similar to a drain clog.

Sometimes the problem can be electrical, which our professionals will identify and fix. Leaky garbage disposals are also common and typically caused by a loose screw or gasket.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Services in Phoenix, AZ

To Replace or Not to Replace Your Garbage Disposal?

Our professionals are here to help you decide what is most cost-efficient and effective for you long-term. A stopped-up pipe or a disconnected wire is no problem for our professionals to fix quickly. It is when your garbage disposal’s motor begins to fail that more serious action may be required. It should not shake or vibrate. In this case, many times it ends up being cheaper to replace than to repair. Parts like bearings and blades can be challenging to source for older disposals. It is probably time to install a new garbage disposal if you have problems with your existing one frequently.

If hard water is a hassle for you, look into our water softener service for the solution. Call us for upfront pricing!

Does Hard Water Hurt My Kitchen Sink?

Unfortunately, yes. The buildup you see on the outside is the same thing happening on the inside of your pipes. These mineral deposits are often the culprit of leaky kitchen faucets. Limescale builds up on the inside of the sink and on the fixtures and causes staining over time. Eventually, these mineral deposits can result in lower water pressure. But this is no mystery to our professionals–we will give you the tools you need to keep your kitchen fixtures looking and performing the way you want them to.

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No kitchen is complete without reliable plumbing! Contact us for the faucet and fixture replacement and garbage disposal services in Phoenix, AZ today.