How many of us know about National Love a Tree Day? It’s okay if you haven’t! We didn’t know about it either, but we are excited to start celebrating it this year! Love a Tree Day is celebrated on May 16th each year. It is to honor all the different species of trees, and the amazing job they do for us in so many ways.

It’s interesting to note that the origins of Love a Tree Day are a mystery, but that should not stop us from taking full advantage of the day. Trees themselves can have an air of mystery about them. Some trees live to be thousands of years old with a majestic appearance that is otherworldly.

There are so many ways to celebrate Love a Tree Day, but one of the best things you can do is provide clean water to help trees grow. As our groundwater becomes more and more polluted, trees have a harder time getting the clean water they need. We can use this holiday to rectify this, and help trees live long happy lives.

Trees Need Clean Water Too!

Just like with humans, polluted water can have awful side effects on trees. We rely on trees for so many things. First, and most importantly, trees (and other green plants) produce the oxygen we breathe. Trees also prevent erosion and water runoff. There are also many other advantages like tree forts and shade on a hot day.

Without clean water to drink, a tree’s ability to do all of these things is reduced. Trees absorb water and sunlight and turn them into energy. When the water that is absorbed is not clean water, it can prevent the tree from performing this task; which we call photosynthesis.

If trees no longer underwent photosynthesis, they would not be able to produce oxygen which we need to live. The trees, and all the ecosystems it supports, would wither and die. Clean water is an essential component of a tree’s longevity.

Water Filtration is Essential!

Just as trees need clean water, humans need it to survive as well. You may be asking yourself now- “how clean is my drinking water?” Can you imagine what polluted water could do to you as a human, if it can have such a devastating effect on a tree?

I know we like to think the water coming out of our faucets is clean enough, but that may not be the case. Having a water filtration system in place is the only way to be absolutely sure that the water you drink is clean and clear.

Taking advantage of our modern water filtration technology, we have been able to divert most waterborne illnesses. These illnesses can range from hepatitis and typhoid to rashes.

Unfortunately, these things still exist, so it is important that you protect yourself and your family from these harmful diseases by using a water filter.

Celebrate Love a Tree Day

While having a water filtration system in place is wonderful for your home, trees don’t have this option. This is where we can step in and help. This year on Love a Tree Day, celebrate by watering your trees and plants with clean water.

Celebrating the holiday in this way can be a huge win for our environment. Understandably, those of us with a water bill may not be able to water our entire yards every day. That’s okay though! Catching rainwater for the purpose of watering plants is a great alternative to using our faucets!.

Rainwater has very little pollution, and it is an easy and free way to help! Love a Tree Day is a great opportunity to show the many species of trees that we love and appreciate! Find one tree to adopt, and give them a fresh drink of water. It will be well worth the effort!

Worried About Your Water Quality?

If you have just come to the knowledge that you do not have a water filtration system in your home, we would like to hear from you! Zest Plumbing & Drain is a leader in water filtration systems, and we are available to answer all your questions.

Please do yourself, and our environment a favor, and give Zest Plumbing & Drain a call today.

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