The plumbing system is the unsung hero of modern civilization. Without plumbing, which includes the flow of fresh, potable water, humankind would not be where it is today. But, sadly, many people don’t know much about plumbing systems. It’s possible to appreciate a plumbing system without knowing it intimately. Still, this article will allow homeowners to understand their plumbing systems a little better while learning some fun trivia!

Why Are Toilets Called “Johns”?

Back before flush toilets were a thing, people in England called latrines “Jakes,” as Jake was a common derogatory term for a simpleton or a hick. But all that changed when Sir John Harrington came around.

This was the late 16th century, and John Harrington was a bit of an inventor. But he was also known for pushing the boundaries with his satirical poetry and other writings. Luckily for him, he was one of over 100 of Queen Elizabeth I’s godsons. He was said to have invented an early prototype of the flush toilet and have his godmother try it out at the royal palace. History also suggests that Queen Elizabeth would not use it because it was too loud.

Which Way Does the Water Spin South of the Equator?

The myth that water spins clockwise in the southern hemisphere is a persistent one. Scientists blame this myth on the Coriolis Effect, which details how the earth’s rotation interacts with the movement of water. Coriolis forces do cause differences on a large scale; this is why hurricanes spin in different directions depending on which hemisphere they’re in.

But Coriolis forces don’t interact (much) with water on a small scale, like in bathtubs, sink basins, or toilets. Scientists have concluded that the toilet, sink, or shower design has more to do with how the water spins than anything else. Which way the water is moving when it first enters the toilet or sink is also a factor. In short, the spin of the water doesn’t change due to which hemisphere it’s in.

How Much Water Does a Leaky Faucet Really Waste?

This last question has many different answers that depend on how quickly and for how long the sink drips. A single drip of the sink every couple of seconds doesn’t seem like much, but it can add up and waste a ton of water if it’s allowed to continue.

For instance, a home that has two leaky faucets that each drip 10 times a minute will waste an average of about 700 gallons per year! That not only hurts the earth, but it hurts the homeowner’s wallet, as well. Much easier (and cheaper) to get those leaky faucets fixed.

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