It’s a pretty big—and expensive—decision when you look at your kitchen and/or bathroom and decide that it’s time to start remodeling them.

But it can also be one of the best decisions you make for the quality of life in your home, and even the value of your property if you do this right.

But how do you make sure that actually do your remodeling right? We have a few ideas that suggest what steps you should take to make sure that when you invest in this kind of significant home improvement, you get it done right, and don’t feel like you wasted your money.

Get the Right People

Unless you have the expertise for the many aspects required for quality remodeling, you’re going to be hiring some other business to do this for you

You want to make sure you pick the right one so that when you entrust them with something as important as improving your home, you’re happy with the result.

Be diligent when it comes to researching your possible choices.

A referral from someone you trust is always a good place to start, but the Internet also gives you many other opportunities.

Good companies will have positive customer testimonials to show off, and online user reviews are another great way to find out who’s really focused on quality, and which service is best avoided due to questionable quality and practices.

Nail Down Your Goals

You’re going to have different design priorities based on exactly what kind of space you want to have. If you really enjoy cooking and you want to be serious about it, your kitchen remodel will reflect that.

You can include a pragmatic emphasis on cabinetry, storage, and strategically located counter space.

If the meal preparation isn’t as important as the quality time spent with each other, then maybe an open concept, with more room to see and interact with each other is appropriate.

Try to imagine what you want to get out of your kitchen or bathroom, and then let that drive the kind of design choices you make.

What looks gorgeous in a picture may end up being exactly what you don’t want when it comes time to use the space, so let the function dictate the final form.

Get Your Fixtures & Backend Up To Date

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, odds are you probably don’t want to just stop at floors and cabinets.

This is especially true if you have an older home, with older tubs, sinks, cabinets, and light or plumbing fixtures.

New fixtures can add a lot to a kitchen or bathroom redesign and make the space feel very different.

You should also take the time to see the opportunity here to modernize what’s behind the fixtures. Is your electrical wiring up to date?

Does your plumbing use the newer, more reliable PVC pipe instead of something older and potentially less healthy, like lead?

Seriously think about updating these aspects of your home as well.

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