Your plumber provides you with an important service, but his/her skill set isn’t limited to fixing leaks and repairing broken plumbing fixtures. Plumbers do a great deal to make sure that the water that you consume in your home is safe here in Scottsdale, AZ. Given that water is one of life’s essentials and that you could become seriously ill if your water is contaminated, your plumber is an important part of your household’s support team.

Here is why.

Your Plumber and Water Conservation

Your plumber isn’t just helping to prevent damage to your home by attending to plumbing leaks swiftly; fixing leaks reduces water waste in your home, which saves you money and saves the planet at the same time. That said; never ever ignore a plumbing leak. A lot of water can be wasted in a short period of time.

You can make conservation efforts go further by being proactive at home. Don’t run the garbage disposal; compost your waste instead. Fill a pitcher of water for drinking and put it in the fridge rather than running the tap waiting for it to cool down. Remember to turn your faucet off when brushing your teeth or washing your hands.

How Plumbers Keep Your Water Safe

Water doesn’t just get contaminated at the source (i.e. body of water or well). Dangerous impurities can leach from your pipes right into the water as it gets delivered to your home for consumption. Have your plumber upgrade your pipes to PVC or copper.

You can reduce the likelihood of impurities leaching into your water by running your water often. Hot water is more likely to be contaminated than cold water.

As an extra safety measure, have an on-tap water filtration system installed. Keep the good minerals in, and the bad contaminants out. An extra bonus is that a water filtration system will eliminate your need to buy bottled water, saving you money and doing a lot to reduce your environmental footprint.

Health Issues

Water contamination is no laughing matter, as you can get very sick. In some cases, contaminated water can even cause death. If you are immune-suppressed, you are especially vulnerable, as are the very young and the very old.

Some physical symptoms you might experience after you’ve consumed unclean water are gastrointestinal illness, impaired neurological function, and longer-lasting reproductive problems. Common water-borne illnesses are Hepatitis A, salmonella, and E. coli.

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