For homeowners, there is a never-ending list of things to worry about. These issues can come out of nowhere and quickly put a damper on the comfort and safety of the home. For example, air conditioners could fail in the heat of the summer, or toilets can clog and overflow with no warning.

Preventing problems becomes increasingly important since homeowners have so much on their plates. One of the things that can help homeowners avoid emergency plumbing problems is routine drain cleaning. Routine drain cleaning is a process offered by local plumbers that aim to help homeowners better manage their plumbing system by cleaning drains and sewer lines on a scheduled basis before they have a chance to snowball into emergencies.

Faster Drainage and Fewer Clogs

Drains allow water to drain from tubs and basins quickly and with little noise. One of the earliest signs that a drain is clogged is from the gurgling sound it emits while draining. One of the main goals in designing plumbing systems is to reduce turbulence within pipes. Any time sound comes from a pipe, this means something is obstructing its flow and reducing its draining efficiency. When noises start emanating from draining pipes, calling for preventative drain cleaning may be a good option.

Along with noise reduction in drain lines, less turbulence from obstructed pipes means that the drains will drain much faster. As drain lines begin to foul up, drainage can slow down. For homeowners that schedule routine drain cleaning, they are always shocked to see how much faster clean pipes can drain a tub or basin than clogged pipes.

Reduces the Need for Repairs

When drains, especially in bathroom sinks and bathtubs, begin to clog, terrible odors can result. The cause of the foul odors can be two things:

  • Hair or other clogged material is wicking water out of the P-trap and allowing sewer gases to leak past
  • Bacteria breaking down hair and soap scum and releasing bad odors

The fix for both of these problems is a good drain cleaning. Once these conditions exist, a full cleaning is in order. However, homeowners that wish to prevent odors in their bathroom, they can sign up for routine cleaning.

Why Not Use Chemical Drain Cleaners?

A common question to plumbers is, “why not just use a plumber in a bottle?” The answer is quite simple: it’s not worth the risks. There are several reasons for opting to call a real plumber instead, like:

  • Chemical cleaners are dangerous and hazardous to store or dispose of
  • Chemical cleaners can destroy vital plumbing components
  • Chemical cleaners settle to the bottom of drains so they only remove build-up on the bottom of the pipe

Calling a plumber will eliminate the need for having to deal with dangerous drain cleaners. During a drain cleaning, plumbers will ensure that all of a home’s drains are flowing freely and the inside of the drain lines are totally clean. This will eliminate the threat of emergencies and ensure that drains flow freely for months to come.

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