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    Commercial Plumbing Services in Scottsdale, AZWhether you’re a business looking for professional plumbing services or a contractor looking for a name you can trust, call the experts at Affordable Plumbing, Rooter and Water Heaters. Call today for reliable commercial plumbing services.

    As a business owner or professional contractor in Scottsdale, AZ your livelihood relies on quality workmanship at affordable prices. Commercial properties require efficient plumbing systems to save money, increase revenue and provide a safe environment for employees. Whether you’re the property manager of a commercial building, or you are a contractor in need of a professional plumber, at Affordable Plumbing, Rooter and Water Heaters we have your commercial plumbing needs covered.

    Our technicians work around the clock to tackle your emergency plumbing needs! From slab leak repairs to water heater issues, our team is here for you.

    Commercial Repiping Services in Scottsdale, AZ

    Is It Time to Repipe Your Commercial Building?

    Over time, the pipes in your commercial building will begin to deteriorate. Small leaks in an older piping system increase the risk of experiencing a larger rupture or other plumbing issues. Older, worn-out pipes will also cause your water bill to rise. If you are noticing leaking pipes, a rising water bill, or a change in the color or smell of your water, you should consider repiping right away.

    Reasons to Replace your Water Heater

    Commercial Water Heater Replacement in Scottsdale, AZHaving an efficient and functional water heater in your commercial property is a necessity. From allowing your building to operate safely to providing comfort and convenience for employees, nothing is more frustrating to a business owner or property manager than an unreliable water heater.

    Some of the most common reasons to replace the water heater in your building include:
    • If the water heater requires frequent repairs and is always breaking down, it would be more cost-effective to replace it with a newer, more reliable unit.
    • Noticing rising energy bills is also a sign that your water heater is losing efficiency. Replacing it before it breaks down could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in the future.

    If your property has worn-out pipes consider our sewer line repairs! With a 100% satisfaction guarantee and no trip charges, we got you covered.

    What Are Some Common Commercial Drain Problems?

    Clogged drains can cause serious disruption to your business, resulting in loss of work and excess expenses. Make sure your drains are working properly and are always in good condition with professional drain cleaning services.

    Some of the most common problems that affect commercial drains include:
    • Grease, hair, food, or other non-water soluble items building up creating blockages.
    • Physical damage from construction or wear and tear on older pipes. If the pipes shift, they become misaligned and will stop working properly.
    • Roots can sometimes grow through cracks in your drains creating blockages in the system.

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