Being a homeowner is rewarding, financially and emotionally, but it is also a lot of work. In fact, home maintenance can seem overwhelming, especially if you don’t know a lot about your housing components or don’t have the time to dedicate to the jobs.

One task that yields big rewards is drain cleaning. Have you ever had your drains cleaned?
Here are some compelling reasons to get your drains cleaned today.

Clog Removal

A clogged drain isn’t just annoying; it can cause health hazards for your family because of the extra bacteria that are automatically present in the drain.

Clogged drains also smell bad and create an unpleasant atmosphere in the home. Clogs can even get to the point of bursting your pipes!

Drain cleaning will dislodge clogs, as well as keep clogs from forming, which is why this is such a useful preventative maintenance measure.

Free Flowing Water

Slow drains got you down? Not only is watching and waiting for your drains to empty annoying, but they can also make quite a mess.

The extra germs and bacteria that linger in clogged drains can create a health hazard in your home. Drain cleaning will ensure that water is flowing freely.

It’s a good idea to get your pipes cleaned out regularly too, so that clean water is flowing throughout your plumbing without interruption.

Money Savings

Did you know that you’ll eventually have to replace the plumbing in your home? Although plumbing typically lasts for many years, it is a housing component that will ultimately need to be replaced.

This is usually due to corrosion. If there is a substantial buildup of residue over time, this can accelerate the corrosion.

If you clean your drains regularly, you can remove that residue and extend the life of your plumbing. You’ll also find your water bills drop after you get your drains cleaned. That’s because you’ve got a direct, efficient flow of water, so you useless.

Silence Squeaking and Cracking

Do you find that you hear strange squeaking or cracking noises in your drains and pipes? Don’t be alarmed. Although there are a few things that could cause that, it is most likely because there is a buildup in your pipes and drains.

As the water rushes past that buildup, it makes a squeaking or squealing sound. A drain cleaning will eliminate the residue and the noise. Once you learn about all of the benefits that come with drain cleaning, you’ll want to make this an annual event in your Scottsdale, AZ home.

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