Plumbing emergencies can be stressful and expensive, and they often happen at the most inconvenient times. An intense rainstorm causes gutters to overflow. A power outage causes water pipes to freeze and burst. Or a clogged sewer main results in an overflowing toilet. All of these scenarios can result in damaging floods, prompting the homeowner to desperately search for an available plumber that offers emergency plumbing services to fix the problem.

Fortunately, there are certain actions a homeowner can take to avoid ending up in a scary plumbing situation. Keeping the gutters clear, having pipes insulated, and getting drains cleaned regularly are just a few examples of preventative plumbing maintenance.

Routinely Clean Out Gutters

Clogs can quickly and easily form in household gutters, especially where trees are overhanging the roof. Gutter clogs usually form from dead leaves, shingle particles, sticks, moss, plants, dirt, and grime. Clogs block the flow of water, causing rainwater to well up in the gutters and overflow. Overflowing gutters can result in flooded yards, leaks around windows and doors, and even house foundation leaks.

Because debris can accumulate rather quickly in the gutters, homeowners should plan to clean the gutters routinely at least once a year. This is best done at the end of summer before the winter season brings rain and snow. An additional cleanout at the end of winter is ideal.

There are many ways to clean the gutters, from getting up on a ladder and manually clearing debris to use a garden hose attachment to flush the debris down. A safe option would be hiring a fully insured company to clean the gutters, as they have the equipment and experience to do the job thoroughly and safely.

Insulate Water Pipes

Wherever winter temperatures drop below freezing, it’s a good idea to insulate exposed water pipes. This will keep them from freezing and bursting, resulting in flooding, water damage, and a high water bill.

The most common way to insulate water pipes is with a foam insulation sleeve, which effortlessly slips over the pipe. Fiberglass insulation wrap can also wrap snugly around pipes. A third option is electric heat tape, which uses electricity to heat the pipes and keep the water from freezing.

Get Drains Cleaned Regularly

A backed-up sink or clogged toilet has the potential to become a plumbing emergency. A clogged toilet that won’t flush quickly becomes a flood threat and could introduce dangerous bacteria into the home. Backed-up sink and shower drains can put an immediate end to washing, grooming, cleaning, laundry, and dishes. Homeowners typically need a fast resolution to these problems.

However, the best solution to clogged drains is to prevent them in the first place by having the drains cleaned regularly. There are chemicals and enzymatic cleaners on the market that help to break through clog-causing culprits such as hair, soap residue, grease, food particles, hard waste, dirt, roots, and more. But a professional plumbing company can effectively and efficiently clean the entire drain system using tools like a snake, hydro Jetter, drain rooter, or power auger.

Scheduling an annual drain cleaning will keep wastewater flowing freely and prevent a nightmare plumbing emergency, such as an overflowing toilet or clogged sink.

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