You may have groaned a fair bit inside when you read the overused “April Showers” because we all know what comes next. However true it may be, the initial Spring rainfalls can produce a whole lot more than just some pretty plants.

Especially in areas that are used to exceptionally dry weather, even a little bit of rainy weather can wreak some havoc on your plumbing system. If you want to avoid a nasty surprise, there are a few things you can watch for and steps you can take to prevent disaster.

Avoiding Broken Pipes

Believe it or not, rain can actually cause broken pipes or leaks, specifically the insidious slab leaks. This happens when the ground shifts under your foundation, causing your house to put a higher amount of pressure on your pipes.

These can cause leaks that are almost imperceptible. In fact, these leaks often occur under your foundation, which can cause pretty significant and expensive damage. Often, these leaks aren’t noticed until water bills get incrementally higher or water pressure begins to decrease.

Older pipes are particularly susceptible to these leaks and this should be something to be aware of. Catching these problems early or preventing them altogether is key to mitigating the possible damages.

Sewer Backups Due to Extra Rain

One of the plumbing systems that we always take for granted is our sewer system. It performs an absolutely critical task for our wellbeing yet these systems are often neglected.

However, extra rain can actually add to the workload of our sewer systems. Even the best sewer system can be taxed by excessive rains.

This can eventually cause your pipes to back up, causing you to be unable to use your toilets and other sewer items. Not only is this extremely inconvenient but it can also be totally unsanitary, rendering portions of your house unusable.

Avoid Heartache By Getting a Plumbing Inspection

These problems may seem difficult to anticipate and prevent but there are ways to help avoid catastrophe. The key thing to have done is to get a plumbing inspection and schedule it before the rain begins.

A professional plumber can easily assess any possible weaknesses in your pipes and anticipate any problems before they pop up.

For instance, they can see where any shifting soil is causing extra pressure on pipes and reinforce them. Getting a professional plumber out for a routine checkup on your pipes can save you a ton of money in the long run.

You may be freaking out a little bit now that you can think of all the problems that rain can cause this season. Don’t worry – scheduling a call with an expert from Zest Plumbing & Drain will set your mind at ease.

Also, if you’ve had any experience with some of these rain-caused issues, comment below and share them. Knowledge is power. If that isn’t enough to calm you down, you can still take a look outside and enjoy the beautiful flowers. It may be a cliche but, after all, those April showers really do bring May flowers.

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