Crucial Info About Water Leak Detection

As a homeowner, you have to be a bit of a detective at all times, keeping watch over your home to foresee potential damage by hunting down threats.

When it comes to water leaks, the moisture produced from even a small leak can create rot, which is extremely damaging to your home.

If you suspect a leak, you shouldn’t blow it off. It can spell disaster for your home’s structure if you don’t act swiftly. Here is crucial info for your reference.

Preventative Maintenance

Another major cause of water leaks is your plumbing fixtures. Don’t ignore a leaky toilet or faucet.

Tighten or fix yourself, or call for help.

A little preventative maintenance will not only help keep major damage from occurring; it will keep you from wasting water.

Always check your hoses on your washing machine, dishwasher and ice maker on your fridge.

They should be replaced every 5-7 years because they decay over time.

It’s a good idea to install a drip tray under your washing machine as an extra preventative step.

Sourcing Out a Slab Leak

Many leaks can be discovered because you see pooling water or damp spots, but a slab leak is a little different and can be extremely damaging to your home.

A slab leak happens within the concrete slab that your home is built upon.

They are generally caused by a shift in pressure in the ground (i.e. an earthquake) or damaged pipes that are corroded (this is more common in older homes).

Sometimes if you’ve been undergoing construction, the pipes might get damaged as well.

To determine if you’ve got a slab leak, you need to have a professional use special equipment to find the source and repair it.

Some alarm bells you should be vigilant for are:

    standing water around the foundation of your home
  • wet spots on your floor
  • an unexplained hike in your water bills
  • the sound of water flowing through pipes, even when everything is shut off

We specialize in slab leak detection and are happy to assist.

What Will a Water Leak Do?

Even a small amount of water could damage or even destroy your possessions.

If you’ve got a lot of storage in your basement, where leaks commonly occur, it is a good idea to keep things up on shelves to mitigate damage.

Water leaks can threaten the structure of your home through rot.

They can also make your family sick because they create mold growth, which is toxic to inhale.

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